Current Activities and Milestones


Over the past few years, CTSCo has undertaken pre-feasibility and feasibility work on the northern Surat Basin. The assessment and scientific work has undergone rigorous internal and external review. The data and information from this fieldwork will help to inform the appraisal of the southern Surat Basin for a viable long-term, industrial-scale storage site.

During 2020, CTSCo will commence exploratory field activities to assess the geology within the southern Surat Basin for CO2 storage potential.

If successful, the infrastructure constructed during the appraisal program may form the foundation infrastructure or a future storage site

Engaging with our communities


Achieving a social license to operate for our community, and maintaining this, will be critical for the project.

We are committed to working closely with local communities to fully investigate the potential economic, environmental, social and cultural implications of the proposed project. Like any major infrastructure project there are a number of steps and assessments that need to be successfully completed prior to the project commencing construction and operation into the test phase.

This project will be subject to a range of assessments and approvals including environmental, social and technical components under Local, State and Federal Government regulations.

Our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy builds on the foundations of key learnings from a number of CCS projects within Australia and overseas. We have applied these learnings to help shape an engagement program that is appropriate and relevant to both the local community and project stakeholders.

We have developed our community engagement program based on the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement and the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) principles of stakeholder engagement.