The objective of the Surat Basin CCS Project is to demonstrate the viability of carbon capture from a coal-fired power station and the effective permanent storage of the captured CO2.

The project is intended as a first step toward large scale CCS within the Surat Basin, with the potential for emissions from multiple generators and other industrial sources being captured and safely stored.

Certain sandstone formations within the Surat Basin provide suitable geological conditions to allow long-term sequestration of large quantities of CO2. CTSCo is currently pursuing an appropriate and viable storage option and construction of a post-combustion capture plant from a coal-fired power station in the region.

Timeline Overview

2009 - 2014

Concept + Plan


2014 - 2021



2021 - 2023


Construction & Commissioning

2023 +


Test Injection

Completed Stages

Pre-feasibility, feasibility and FEED 2009 – 2019


CTSCo has completed both Feasibility and FEED studies towards the undertaking of an integrated post-combustion capture (PCC) plant at the Millmerran power station in conjunction with storage in the Surat Basin. This work included advanced in-field technical studies on the geology, water and surface soil, air and groundwater for storage potential in the northern part of the Surat Basin.

Current Stage

Storage Appraisal 2020-2021

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Fieldwork will be undertaken in 2020 to explore and assess the southern part of the Surat Basin for a potentially viable location for long-term, large-scale CO2 storage.

CTSCo has identified an area within this region and, more recently, by the University of Queensland Surat Deep Aquifer Appraisal Project, as a potentially viable potential area for large-scale carbon storage in the Surat Basin. CTSCo has completed a desktop pre-feasibility study on the tenement and has proposed an accelerated work program to appraise the southern part of the tenement for storage viability. If successful, the infrastructure constructed during the appraisal program may form the foundation infrastructure for a future industrial storage site.

CTSCo proposes that a demonstration-scale injection project be undertaken at one of these potential storage sites utilising CO2 captured at the Millmerran Power Station PCC plant.

Potential Future Stages


Financial Investment Decision (FID) / Construction and Commissioning 2021/22*

Subject to financial and environmental approvals, approval will be sought to move into the construction of a demonstration post-combustion capture (PCC) plant, linked to an existing power station within the Surat Basin and the installation of field equipment for storing CO2.

The post-combustion capture process separates CO2 from any coal or gas-fired power station’s exhaust gases. Once the CO2 has been captured from the power station, it will then be compressed into a liquid-like state suitable for storage and transported for injection deep underground.

*Estimated project timeline

Demonstration-scale CO2 Injection Stage
2022/23 - 2025/26*

Once construction of the PCC plant completed, it is intended that demonstration of carbon storage will commence at a suitable location within the southern Surat Basin.

A single injection well will carry CO2 deep into rock formations more than two kilometers below the surface, where it will be permanently and safely sequestered.

Storage of CO2 will be closely monitored both during and long after injection ceases to verify the injected CO2 is behaves as expected.

*Estimated project timeline