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The Surat Basin is one of Australia's largest, and relatively untapped, energy resource areas, covering a geological area of approximately 300,000 square kilometres. It extends from central southern Queensland to central northern New South Wales.

The Integrated Surat Basin Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project is focused on activity in the central southern Queensland part of the Surat Basin more than 400km west of Brisbane.

The Surat Basin is renowned for agriculture and quality food production, and more recently energy resources for both domestic and international consumption. These sectors represent the foundations of both population and economic growth and are vital in securing the quality of life within local and regional communities such as those found in the Surat Basin.

The Surat Basin supports a range of primary production activities and has traditionally been an agricultural region, but several billion dollars' worth of projects have been developed over the past decade in resources ranging from coal seam gas (CSG) and liquid natural gas (LNG), to wind farming and solar generation.

The community have developed a good understanding of resource and infrastructure development over this period working with industry and government to maximise the opportunities for the region. CTSCo is committed to working with the local community and the Government to ensure the benefits of the project, and its potential operations, are clearly demonstrated to enable long-term sustainable economic growth.

Why the Surat Basin?

The Surat Basin was chosen to host this demonstration project for a number of reasons:

Key Reports

The 2009 National Carbon Storage Taskforce report and the Queensland Government Greenhouse Gas Storage Atlas identified the Surat Basin as a key geostorage area.

The Geology of the Area

Almost 3 billion tonnes of CO2 theoretical storage potential is available in the area. Precipice Sandstone (aquifer) accounts for 1.3 billion tonnes of theoretical storage potential.

Close to Power Stations

There are a significant number of coal-fired power stations nearby in the Surat Basin, meaning the source of the CO2 and the storage are co-located, reducing transportation costs.

Surat Basin